Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Suelin and Radu - Sandals Golf & Country Club. - 2014 - Ocho Rios Jamaica. Zuluspro Photography

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :) :). I love these two beautiful people. So happy I was selected to document this union. Having met Suelin in perso
n I felt so at ease immediately. She is one of those very unassuming, thoughtful, very caring and absolutely down to earth person you could ever meet. Always concerned about your welfare and just making sure that all is well and this is not just a show, it is genuine and absolutely real coming straight from the heart. We spoke at length about her ideas, how she envisioned things to be on the day and her profound love and admiration for her boo Radu. What was compelling was the friendship she spoke of that they shared and let me tell you folks…. its a seriously solid friendship that these two individuals have together. I watched and learned and hope that this will somehow make me a better person as I try to improve myself personally as I go by in this life. Radu, bro I admire your attitude and how you care for your wife, I observed the little things that you would do and above all you were always by her side  like her rock, guide, inspiration, that gentle giant…her everything. Man!!!! I am so impressed…. so impressed. That light painting effect you wanted with the sparklers spelling the word LOVE was a nice touch and was more than happy to do it for you.

The day finally came and the Zuluspro team all pumped up journeyed to Ocho Rios with one thing in mind and that was to do what we do best……which is fantastic photography beyond the ordinary. We had some ideas and had gathered all our info and props for such and was eager to start clicking. The venue Sandals Grand Riviera Beach and Villa Golf Resort was awesome with impeccable service and let me say this.. I had a wonderful nights rest at this hotel :):):). Karen from Karen Shields event planning you did am amazing job with your planning, decorating skills and enjoyed the alternative ceremony design using the circle as a guide…..BEAUTIFUL!! :) as with Zuluspro Photography anything  that is out of the box we gravitate towards  with open arms and a wide grin  Jim Carey style :)… yeah! something like that hahaha!!!.  Your  cool and calm persona was much admired as you went by getting things done and in place. To the coordinating team at Sandals you guys were an amazing bunch and the effort and time spent in having things going was priceless.

Radu and Sue I am so happy to have met and worked with you guys and your love and friendship totally inspired me personally as well as with my photography. You guys have helped me to complete my Dream of Passion's Fantasy series and now I am onto my next series. I wish continued success, love health and wealth for you both.  Whew!!!! seems I wrote a lot…but so what just expressing myself wink wink. Love Zuluspro Photography.